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summer meeting

Probing the buried Interface

Host for event: University of Surrey
Venue: Lecture Theatre F

Wednesday 2nd July 2014


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In many applications of science and technology the analyst is required to provide chemical information associated with an interface between two different phases; the buried interface. This UKSAF meeting will concentrate on the myriad of approaches that can be used, in conjunction with electron and ion spectroscopy to extract information from the inaccessible region. At the two extremities of depth accessibility are ion beam profiling (using elemental or cluster ions) and mechanical sectioning. These and other approaches will be considered by speakers at the meeting.

The event is being hosted by the University of Surrey. A top ten UK university, Surrey is at the forefront of research in mechanical, medical and aerospace engineering and materials technology, with a strong focus on collaborating with industry. Its world-leading research centres, including the Surrey Space Centre and Advanced Technology Institute, bring together leading academics across the engineering and physical science disciplines. The University also hosts a Centre for Doctoral Training in Micro and NanoMaterials and Technologies (MiNMaT), aimed at training the next generation of industrially-focused research engineers, which recently won funding of over £6 million from EPSRC.