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Summer Meeting

Analysis at the Industry / Environment Interface

An exploration of the contribution of surface analysis to industrial and environmental improvement, remediation, energy efficiency and quality of life

Thornton Science Park – University of Chester
Hosted by University of Chester

UKSAF Meeting - Wednesday 1st July 2015
CasaXPS Workshop - Thursday 2nd July 2015

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2nd announcement (pdf)

The world faces increasing challenges in terms of resource use, sustainable development, energy security and population growth. We all expect to enjoy the benefits of a western-style industrialised society, but with minimal environmental impact and continuing improvements in quality of life. This meeting will provide a forum for discussion of the contribution of surface analysis to meeting technological and social needs in pursuit of these aims. Themes of materials use, processing efficiency, non-conventional energy, and environmental remediation will be explored.

Our hosts are the Faculty of Science and Engineering of the University of Chester. Although a relatively new University, Chester is currently celebrating 175 years as one of the country’s oldest teaching institutes. The Faculty of Science and Engineering was recently established on the site of the former Shell Thornton Research Centre, now Thornton Science Park, and represents a major development for the University. From a standing start in March 2014, the Faculty is rapidly expanding and is developing research activity in a number of areas including materials characterisation, laser materials processing, atmospheric and environmental chemistry, electrochemistry and energy materials. Thornton Science Park also hosts the University’s Energy Institute, the ERDF-funded High Growth Centre, and a number of small and medium sized high-tech companies.