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Surfaces Matter

Yew Lodge Hotel, Kegworth, Leicestershire
Hosted by Loughborough Surface Analysis Limited

Wednesday 6th January 2016

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1st announcement (pdf)


Surfaces are all around us in our everyday lives; mankind continues to innovate not only in terms of the materials we use and how they can be modified but also in terms of the techniques we can use to study them. Surfaces Matter, be it in the hostile environment of an aircraft engine or the ambient surrounding cultural objects, understanding and protecting the surface is crucial. With limited material to work with, making the best use of the analysis tools available to us is essential. This meeting will bring together speakers from industry and academia, instrument users and manufacturers to illustrate how and why Surfaces Matter.

Our hosts are Loughborough Surface Analysis Limited, an independent company established in 1997 to provide contract surface analysis to industry and academia. Specialising in Dynamic SIMS and depth profiling, for almost twenty years LSA has been helping researchers in Universities and industry develop new processes and materials; manufacturers to maintain quality control of their products and failure analysts to understand the causes of unanticipated events.

Introduction to CasaXPS Workshop

Sutton Bonington Campus (University of Nottingham)

Tuesday 5th January 2016

Contact Dr. Emily Smith to reserve a place (Emily.Smith@nottingham.ac.uk)